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One aspect that determines the progress of a country is the education level of its citizens . In the Indonesian state education issues into one problem that can not be resolved until now . Nearly half of all citizens over Indonesia just graduated elementary and junior high . While the rest have graduated high school and a few are graduating college . The higher the level of education a person the greater the chance of being accepted in an institution or agency . Lack of socialization of education is also the cause of most Indonesian people do not understand the importance of education in today's era of globalization .

In addition , primitive attitudes that have been entrenched in the country of Indonesia is also one of the causes . The primitive attitudes , such as women's habits do not schooled on the grounds will only be a housewife , concerned habits of money on education, and still many others . It's obvious in all religions , such as Islam commands all his people to study as high , but it was only made ​​possible all nonsense . 

Articles About Education

Articles About EducationEducation carried out in order to establish the characteristics of a person for the better . Foormal through education , citizens are also expected to have the intelligence and understand the values ​​of good and bad in order to be used later . There are no age restrictions , caste . or time for a person to obtain an education . Education becomes for all human rights from birth until she died . The rights should not be diktentang because it is a gift from Almighty God . In addition to formal education , education can also be done through the family and community environment . Education is referred to as Non-formal education . Education is very important compared to formal education because of all received formal education can be applied directly to real life . In addition non-formal education is also the most important factor for the formation of one's soul and attitude . If the education is very good in the family would make a person more spirit to demand formal education . Formal education is divided into 3 levels of education , ie, primary education , secondary education , and college education .

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